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kyut by annalovebianca
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Headshot Sketch
:COM: Headshot 1st Batch by AngelicsMana
:COM: Headshot 2nd Batch by AngelicsMana
:COM: Headshot 3rd Batch by AngelicsMana
:COM: Headshot 4th Batch by AngelicsMana
:COM: Headshot 6th Batch by AngelicsMana
:COM: Headshot 7th Batch by AngelicsMana
A headshot quick sketch for 100 points only~
i only take 80 points of and other 20 points are taken to dA.

A batch will consist of 4 characters.
so yeah batch 8 starts now!

All you have to do is note me about it

- give ref of the character you want me to draw.
- what expressions you want me to put in the character
- pay first ofc lolz via here.

Note me if interested! im taking unlimited slots. Just wanted to try this commission widget lol.
Chibi Sketch
:COM: Sketch Chibi 1 by AngelicsMana
:COM: Sketch Chibi 3 by AngelicsMana
:COM: Sketch Chibi 4 by AngelicsMana
:COM: Sketch Chibi 2 by AngelicsMana
:COM: Sketch Chibi 5 by AngelicsMana
A quick chibi sketch just for 200 points. ^^

All you have to do is note me about it

- give ref of the character you want me to draw.
- what expressions you want me to draw in that character.
- pay first ofc lolz via here.

Note me if interested~

Artist Beware + A Chargeback Fraud

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 13, 2014, 4:16 PM

copypasta/// from :iconnouraii:

Hello Lovely people,

Today, I stumbled upon several journals by members who all got scammed by one person. Pixlett / ToxicMutagen (who deactivated their accounts today) scammed more than 3,000 USD from more than 20 artists by filling chargebacks just after a while from paying for adopts or commissions. And apparently, they can do the same with points too.

image from witchpaws

I can't really do anything but to share this with you in hope you won't get scammed by this person.

Here are some journals written about this issue:
Pixlett strikes again.I didn't realize exactly how much art I had sold to Pixlett / ToxicMutagen and she filed another $2,000+ against me just now. /:

Oh my gosh, I am SO done. Fml. My patience has been tried and tested, but I'm at a loss.
This totals THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS that Pixlett has robbed from me.
It's beyond stressful and I seriously can't afford this right now. I honestly don't think anyone could.
The following people have also been chargebacked by Pixlett as of today, August 13:
Interestingly enough, I believe I have found "Pixlett"'s personal Facebook.
At least, I am 99% sure this is her.
Pixlett was stupid enough to file chargebacks against people who shipped her PHYSICAL items, so we have an address that either she lives at or visits regularly. The address was then googled and traced to her "Hra
  WARNING - Please readIf you take commissions or make adopts please do not let the users Pixlett or ToxicMutagen buy from you. They will pay after a few days, BUT they will issue a credit card chargeback on the purchase. (They "share" a Paypal name/email, so I am suspicious that it is just the same person who moved accounts)
I'm now in the negatives in Paypal due to the chargebacks, and sadly Paypal does NOT cover digital goods (including art) so I won't be getting this money back.
They are doing this to other users/my dA friends as well.
Here's just 3 of the chargebacks they sent me to show as proof. (They have spent thousands on my art, their paypal email is

As you can see, I tried to provide evidence for one of them (still have many to go through)
Anyways, as this is a clear breach of my Terms of Service, I'm reclaiming ALL of their Sushi Dogs + an adopt that they purchased made by myself and ka

  SCAMMER PIXLETT SPREAD LIKE WILDFIREEdit: ToxicMutagen has deactivate their account, I hope we find more information and get this person. She will probably make another DA account or in other websites, please be careful!
 If you take commissions or make adopts please do not let the users Pixlett or ToxicMutagen buy from you. They will pay after a few days, BUT they will issue a credit card chargeback on the purchase. (They "share" a Paypal name/email, so I am suspicious that it is just the same person who moved accounts)

An artist was scammed for thousands of dollars by a user named Pixlett / ToxicMutagen. Pixlett has since deactivated her account.
She has scammed more artist at this point, probably over 20 artist, including me! There has been so many journals and people suffering because of this person!
Here are some journals
EMERGENCY SUSHI DOG RESALE - PIXLETT FRAUD:new: please someone buy her ;_; i know its been less than a day but i thought/hoped she might already have a home by now, i know 360$ is a lot of money but that's what i paid for her and that's the amount that i need to make back, so i can't sell her for less than that ;__;
i also can't accept donations because it wouldn't feel right to take money off all you kind and sweet people, i'm grateful from the bottom of my heart to everyone that's helped to signal boost that im selling her, but shes still looking for her new home, so if you know anyone that might be interested in her please let them know! ;^;
so, she charged me back guys. 
honestly i feel really sick right now and im crying because i cant afford charges of 360$ against me, and judging how everyone else lost their case i don't stand a chance even though i have solid evidence that she authorised the payment... im shaking so hard right now, i can't believe this has happened.
im reselling painted eggs so i wont be in debt t

And your points aren't safe:
.:WTF?!!? Again another problem DA?!?!Alright.
DA is again acting like a bitch.
So, it's again about the suspicious refunds that my sister have received for some commissions via the commission widget(previously talked about this here: ).
A moderator have replied to her ticket that she had sent yesterday about that.
The admin have explained that the points used for the commission was fraudulent and that the commissioner hadn't the right to use these points and blah blah blah...
You can read the whole reply here that she have received:
"Hello Makojupiter,

Thank you for contacting deviantART Customer Care. I am sorry for the inconvenience. The points used for that order were fraudulently purchased and spread throughout the community. As they were not that deviants to spend, the points used, including that commission purchase, needed to be pulled because of that. Sadly, there were a number of deviants affected by the stolen points.

Feel free to spread this around.

Artists-Beware: check it out!

Artists Beware is a really helpful blog that might help you avoid getting scammed by people like 
 Pixlett / ToxicMutagen. They have a list of people who have scammed artists before. But understand that not all of those artists listed still scam. It would be better to see and judge the evidence provided against them carefully by yourself and probably talk to them about it to know their story.

Be careful, people!

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak

Angelics Mana

Peeps <3


im going to change how i priced my commission prices. so which rate per hour do you think the most suitable? 

14 deviants said 5$ per hour
9 deviants said 10$ per hour
5 deviants said so the commission price will depend on how many hours i work on that piece.
3 deviants said 15$ per hour (too expensive-- otl)


Aug 21, 2014
6:56 am
Aug 20, 2014
11:35 pm
Aug 20, 2014
11:06 am
Aug 20, 2014
7:58 am
Aug 20, 2014
7:32 am



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BrunaLH Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello there! Somehow I ended up here in your page, and I must say that so far I like your art, I'll check your gallery later.

Now I wanted to give you a tip:
don't use the Deviantart Commissions widget, it eats points.
Just make a journal, post images of the examples on it and make the commissioners pay you the points in the donation widget :) Just a friendly suggestion, you get your full points like that ^^
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I have to compliment you on your absolutely beautiful pieces of artwork. You have an amazing anime style that I just simply adore. I can't wait to see more artwork from you.
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Wow your art is so pretty and shiny~ >w< id commision but i have no money crai ;-;
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Your still open right?
I think Im ready to Commission you! ^-^
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:/ i don't see me in the waiting list for a headshot. :/ what's the status?
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